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We Are

We are a think tank of cybersecurity consultants who understand the mechanics and business value of risk reduction.

We deliver objectively valuable insight through quantitative risk analysis, assessments and penetration testing.

Core Value

To live out the golden rule in every interaction

Business Oriented

Cybersecurity is, at the end of the day, about business risk reduction. We work to make all of our communication fit the audience and avoid ‘geek speak’ wherever possible.

Data Driven

From ‘proving’ the exploits/issues identified in a penetration test, to grounding our recommendations in referenceable and reputable sources, we steer away from offering unsupported ‘opinions’.

Stand Alone

Our deliverables are not artificially tied to more services. Each deliverable contains all the information needed to address the issue without needing to pay us for more information.


We offer a 100% unconditional guarantee on all of our professional services. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the service we deliver, let us know and if we can’t make it right, we’ll mark ‘PAID’ on our last invoice.


Why 'Objectively Valuable'?

Objective – One of our core behaviors is to provide insight that goes beyond ‘expert opinion’. While expert opinion is helpful, being able to reference statistical data, standards or repeatable penetration test results is more powerful.

Objective Value – Our customers have the final say in whether or not our services are valuable. Unless you agree that we’ve provided objectively valuable insight, you don’t pay. It’s written into our professional services agreement.

  • We deliver 'needle movement' in terms of quantifiably lowering risk and improving operational efficiencies.

    Glenn Johnson
  • Security starts to happen when a client sees we’re not there to get in the way of business but to enable it.

    David Hyde-Volpe
    CTO / Principal Engineer
  • I’m here to make sure we are easy for your company to engage. From initial contact, through competent project management until the final invoice, my job is to make sure you have a great customer experience.

    Laura Grindley
    Business Operations Manager

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