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Dangerous Website Protection

Dangerous Website Protection – Day 10 – Basic Web Security Part 1

Hello! If you are new to the series start with Day 1. If you are all caught up, welcome back. Today we are diving into providing your employees some protection against visiting dangerous web sites. There are myriad ways that attackers can get your employees to visit a website that they control. Once there, they can attempt to trick your employees to enter their passwords or even get them to download malware. To help prevent this, you can employ a DNS filtering service that checks the reputation of all the sites your folks attempt to visit. This isn’t a fool-proof defense, but it will stop ~80% of attacks that are based around malicious websites.

Dangerous Website Protection

This category of protection requires a subscription that is fairly inexpensive for small companies. There are a number of options out there (titanHQ, Cisco Umbrella, etc.) but make sure, whichever you choose, your choice supports the devices you and your employees use (windows, mac, android, iphone). The deployment process is pretty simple. Usually you just need to buy the license and install the software on each of your devices. There will likely be a management console you can access to configure some choices such as do you want to block any websites based on content (adult, gambling, gaming etc.). As always, if you have any questions feel free to connect! Happy Hunting!

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David Hyde-Volpe
CTO / Principal Engineer