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Digital Crisis Recovery – Part 1 | Day 12

Howdy! If you are new to the series start with Day 1. For those who are caught up, welcome back. Today we are jumping into the incredibly important topic of data backup and digital recovery.

Go back to your list of digital assets and make sure you are making backups for each. For anything that is needed for your business operations go through and write out a simple plan of how you would recover that data and system if you completely lost access to it or it was destroyed. You should have a “hot” backup that you can recover from quickly and that you regularly backup your data to, but you should also have a “cold” backup that you write data to less regularly but is completely disconnect from the internet so you know if the worst cases occurs you can recover at least most of your data. Having a rough idea of how to recover from these backups is not enough…actually test these recovery mechanisms. If you ever need to use them you and your team will be under incredible stress…so knowing that it works is critical…you will thank yourself if you ever need to exercise your backup plan.

If you want help thinking through this process feel free to connect. Happy Hunting!

CTO / Principal Engineer


David Hyde-Volpe
CTO / Principal Engineer