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Password Protection – Day 7 – Who can do what? Part 2

Howdy, if you are new to this series start with past me onĀ Day 1! For the rest of you…you are stuck with present me. Today we will be learning about how reuse and recycle is great in most areas but dangerous when it comes to passwords (aka Password Protection)…and what we can do to protect our digital assets from the dangers.

Password Protection

Let’s face it. Passwords are a pain, but then so are keys. It would be great if we all lived in a world where we could leave all doors unlocked and never need keys…but we don’t live in that world. So we are stuck with some sort of passwords…but because it is hard to remember dozens of separate passwords we tend to use the same password for everything (with maybe a few variations). The danger here is what happens if there is a data breach at one of the 20 companies you use this password for? That’s right, your password would then allow that hacker to log into all your other accounts…pretty bad.

You likely reuse some passwords and your employees probably do as well…and that is hard for you to stop…so what can you do? Enter Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA or 2FA). MFA uses a second mechanism (password plus a text for instance) so that a hacker needs more than just your password to break in. By ensuring all your digital assets require MFA to log in you can protect your business from the ever present risk of password reuse.

You through your list of digital assets and enable MFA for all accounts. If you can’t figure out how reach out to that product’s support team for information. If the product doesn’t support MFA you should consider switching to one that does. Happy hunting!

Be sure to come back for Day Eight / Part Two Basic Hardening / Patch Management

CTO / Principal Engineer


David Hyde-Volpe
CTO / Principal Engineer