Prevent Ransomware

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Our 7 Step Roadmap

Ransomware in Numbers

  • 72%

    of companies victimized have under 1000 employees
  • $ 732 K

    average cost of recovery
  • 59%

    of attacks encrypted cloud data
  • 21 Days

    average downtime impact
  • 70%

    of attackers threaten to leak sensitive data

Ransomware is Preventable

With a Roadmap

Win the Fight

Before it Starts

Is Your Business Prepared?

Self Assessment

Use our Ransomware Vaccine Roadmap to independently review, measure, and assess your company’s level of preparedness against ransomware.

Expert Assessment With VIZIUS

Short on time or expertise? Let our security professionals do the assessment for you. We bring the tools and processes needed to get the answers you need – often within two weeks.


- or - if we're giving away the roadmap for free, why do you need us?
  • If your company has private or confidential data for customers or vendors:

    having a third-party validate your security posture provides a stamp of approval that builds trust and confidence.

  • If you’re the company owner or executive:

    our involvement gives you the benefits of a proven security roadmap without taking your team away from their other duties or the expense of additional headcount. New clients are surprised to learn how affordable it is to have us do it right the first time.

  • If you’re the one responsible for handing your company’s information security:

    we can provide the experience and data you need to help management hear what you’ve been trying to tell them all along.

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