Security Strategies: Engineered Risk Reduction

Quantitative Budget Analysis

What If We Could Provide Data To Support Budget Priorities?

There are nearly limitless ways you could invest in your cybersecurity program.

There is, however, a very real limit to how much money and resources you have available!

Let us help you put some data behind your resource allocation.


Control Map

We begin by creating a map of your preventative and detective controls in each of your unique environments. We then chart the most likely attack paths through those environments from the outside world to the systems and data you most want to protect.

Control Maturity

Not all controls are fully implemented or mature. This lack of maturity has bearing on how well a control works in your environment. Our experts will work with your teams to accurately determine a range of maturity for each control.

Control Effectiveness

There is a growing body of data that quantifies the effectiveness of mature controls against specific attack tactics, tools and techniques (TTPs). We use this data, together with the maturity data above, to perform statistical modeling of the effectiveness of each individual control in your environment.

Budget "What-Ifs?"

Using the same data, we will perform 'what-if' scenarios for each of your budget candidates to rate their relative effectiveness at reducing risk.

Key Features:

  • We use hard data to determine control effectiveness
  • We analyze the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) vs actual risk reduction for existing cyber spend
  • We help you determine where maturing existing controls is more effective than buying new ones
  • We model prospective purchases against computer threat models to make budget dollars go further

What If Your Best Technology Investment Was 'Maturity'?

As technologists, our default is often the acquisition of another gadget that promises to solve our problem. Very often, we do actually need to invest in technical controls. However, the acquisition cost of a control is less than 20% of the total cost of ownership.

How would you prove that investing in maturing the implementation of a control you already purchased would be more effective than acquiring a new one? Our analysis will give you the data you need to make this decision with confidence!

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