Security Strategies: Engineered Risk Reduction

Security Architecture

Create A Unified Strategy

How confident are you that your existing security architecture is the most efficient way to reduce your risk?

As you contemplate your company’s evolving digitization roadmap and corresponding risk picture, getting security architecture right is more imperative than ever.

The Vizius Group can work with your team to lay out a technical strategy with objective recommendations on where you can optimize.  



Control Effectiveness

Using real-world attack and control data, we will perform statistical modeling of the effectiveness of each individual control in your environment.

Cost Conscious

We are focused on 'the most bang for the buck'. We don't sell any hardware or software, we are just looking for the most cost efficient and effective architecture for your business needs.

Architecture Rooted In Reality

Good security architecture is rooted in the realities of resource constraints, total cost of ownership, user perception, network and system limitations. Our security architects have extensive experience working with both small and large organizations to implement practical architectures that effectively reduce risk.

    We aren't a 'one-size-fits-all' organization. Your business context is unique and needs to be thoroughly understood before we can make an intelligent recommendation.


    Rather than a big 'reveal' at the end of a project, we work with your teams by introducing intelligent recommendations and overtly valuing their feedback and perspective.


    While we do not artificially tie implementation services to our architecture deliverables, we are prepared to 'put our money where our mouth is.' We offer implementation, project management and QA services to translate architecture to production.


Ready To Get Started?

Our cybersecurity experts are ready to help your company prepare for the future and beyond.