Security Strategies: Engineered Risk Reduction
Fractional CISO

Fractional CISO

Migrate From Ad-Hoc Spending To Strategic Vision Execution

Product Management

Migrate your security projects and initiatives to products that deliver quantifiable business value. Our CISOs will shoulder the responsibility for existing or planned security initiatives and manage them with a product delivery discipline.

Move The Needle

Could your company benefit from an executive team member who can move the needle on business risk reduction? At a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time resource?

Nickel And Dime?

Have you felt like your company's Cybersecurity spend is a 'death by a thousand cuts'?

Do you know whether you are spending enough or too much on Cyber Risk reduction?

We have multiple resources on tap that can integrate with your leadership team and help define a strategy that matches your risk tolerance.


Key Features:

  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Establish a documented cybersecurity program
  • Assure clients your company exercises due care with regard to security and privacy
  • ‘Professional’ oversight to corporate security
  • Written Information Security program
  • Transparent reduction in security risk exposure
  • Knowledgeable help with audits and client security questionnaires

Carry The Message

Are you challenged with the need to communicate risk strategy to your team or board?

    One of our CISOs will work with your team to quantify existing data assets and controls and calculate risk in a way that communicates clearly to your team and board.

    Your CISO will work with the team to create a meaningful vision for risk and compliance. This vision will balance financial realities and risk tolerance through a series of stakeholder collaborations.


    Our CISOs understand that 'It isn't what you say, it's what people hear'. We will work to understand how your stakeholders 'hear' and craft our message to communicate effectively.

Virtual Chief Information Officer
Virtual Chief Information Officer

The Essential Problem

As a discipline, cybersecurity has had difficulty communicating well to the business. Our dilemma has been that of proving a negative: ‘If you invest $X, you will prevent this bad thing from happening.’ The business then invests the money and one of two scenarios play out:

  1. The bad thing doesn’t happen – which leaves us wondering if it might not have happened anyway without the investment.
  2. The bad thing does happen – which leaves our security people pointing to the other purchase they asked for that we didn’t spend money on.

However, over the past few years the industry has begun maturing in the sense that we are both (a) gathering more data to inform us about what causes breaches and how expensive they are and (b) using mathematical models other industries have found successful in predicting risk reduction.

Ready To Get Started?

Our cybersecurity experts are ready to help your company prepare for the future and beyond.