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Why vizius?

A Team You Want To Know

The leadership team at Vizius has worked together since 2017 – three years before they launched the company. The team’s like-minded focus on quantifiable risk reduction is bolstered by each person’s individual skill and experience.

Glenn’s (CEO/Principal Engineer) career in information security began in 1986. He was part of the team behind Stalwart, which became one of the premier technology consulting groups in the Southeast. He also built and managed a cybersecurity consulting practice, managed Stalwart’s global security operations center, and served as the CIO/CISO for NorthState Communications (which acquired Stalwart in 2015).

David’s (CTO/Principal Engineer) advanced studies in science and math, along with Laura’s (Business Operations Manager) practical approach and operational aptitude, complement Glenn’s skillset and elevate the team’s approach to real-world information security.

Vizius Team

The Vizius Group is an effective team
of cybersecurity experts
devoted to living out the Golden Rule
in every interaction.

Our Approach

Pragmatic Assessments
Realistic Roadmaps
Expert Implementation

We start by listening to our clients rather than by guiding them to our own assumed outcomes. Only when we understand the motivation and mechanics of the business can we make objectively valuable recommendations about which risks warrant the investment of always-limited resources.

We earn our clients’ trust by thinking and acting as colleagues rather than auditors or salespeople. Our clients consistently partner with us on a long-term basis because we genuinely want to help.

Your Team Of Cybersecurity Experts

As a small group of qualified cybersecurity professionals, we leverage our complementary skillsets and decades of collective experience to provide tailor-made cybersecurity solutions for your organization.

The Power of Trust

When it comes to partnering with a cybersecurity firm, trust is of paramount importance. Here are several testimonials that illustrate our commitment to earning – and keeping – our clients’ trust.

Your firm is top shelf. The fluff to benefit ratio for your firm is what I love the most. Very little PowerPoint and very impactful recommendations & actions.

I added your firm to my “go to” vendor list for wherever I land.

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CIO of a Large Healthcare Infomatics Company

Collaborating with Vizius feels like having a seamless extension of our own team, particularly when it comes to their expertise in cybersecurity and web application security. The recent penetration test engagement has yielded valuable insights that fuel ongoing improvements in Barchart’s cybersecurity initiatives, ultimately boosting our confidence in our security measures.

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Eero Pikat

We just finished an engagement with Vizius and would highly recommend them. They did a technical risk assessment and pen test across our entire tech stack – their report and feedback was very thorough, and they worked hand in hand with us the whole way through remediation. They’re a great team, and I have peace of mind knowing we’re able to protect our clients and their data. If you have sensitive data you need to protect and are due for this service, I’d highly recommend Vizius!

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Meggie Williams
Founder & CEO

As a part of our ongoing focus on objective quality and value, Vizius helped us with a thorough analysis of our security practice. Both what we practice internally as well as those we provide for our customers. We found their expertise and perspective both valuable and practical and feel confident in recommending their services to our customers and partners.

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Chris Saah
Founder & Chief Customer Officer

We engaged Vizius to satisfy a customer-driven requirement for a third-party cybersecurity assessment. We found them to be highly professional, able to interact efficiently with our senior leadership team, and a source of valuable perspectives on our existing security programs. They took the time to understand our business context rather than re-state ‘one-size-fits-all’ security doctrine. We benefited from their technical depth and expertise and were very satisfied with the deliverables. I’d recommend them to anyone that requires advanced cybersecurity consulting services.

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Ehud Pollack
Vice President, Customer Success

We became aware of Vizius as we were beginning a major software development project. Security of the application and user data was a primary concern. We engaged their team during the design phase of the project. They’ve done a thorough review at each step while not slowing down the pace of development. 

We went on to engage Vizius to manage our Outsourced Security Program where they assess our security controls on an ongoing basis and help us prioritize improvements to align with our industry and business size. Although this is an extensive and long-term project, the Vizius team is guiding us through the process in an engaging, comfortable way. Their expertise and guidance have been invaluable.

Working in the financial industry, we value the trust our customers place in us to manage and protect their sensitive data. I can depend on the Vizius team to know the current threats and what we need to do to defend against them. Relying on their expertise gives us peace of mind and the ability to focus on what we do best.

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Barry Brinson
President & CEO

The team at Vizius Group has a broad understanding of information security and a very unique approach to risk management when compared to other organizations I have worked with in this space. They have worked with us to not only streamline our approach to risk management, but to drastically change the way we communicate these risks to business leaders. They have been professional and proficient throughout the entire process and most importantly are passionate about their craft and information security as a whole. We could not be more pleased!

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Brandon Stephens
Principal IT Security Analyst

We contacted The Vizius Group at short notice after hours upon realizing that data for one of our online applications was at serious risk of being compromised. They immediately responded and convened a meeting with us to determine exactly what the issues were. I was surprised to learn that by the time they got on the call with us the team had already done their research and were able to dialog with us about the risks and the appropriate way forward. Always ready and open to update us on what was happening, Mr. Glenn Johnson went above and beyond to ensure that we understood what was happening. I would without a doubt recommend The Vizius Group to anyone in search of responsive and professional cyber security services.

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Clive Smith
Managing Director

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