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Password FAQs

Customers ask us about passwords and we thought it would be helpful to put together a Frequently Asked Questions document to address some of the more common ones. Q1. How often should we force users to rotate their passwords? A1. It used to be that ‘security best practice’ dictated that users should be forced to…

Day 15 Security Awareness

Howdy, if you are new to the series start here. If you are caught up, welcome back! Today we are talking about an incredibly important security topic for small business, Security Awareness. It is probably the single biggest bang for buck in terms of real risk reduction. Security Awareness Training…training can be a boring topic…hence the…

Day 14 – Take Out The Trash

If you are new to the series please start with Day 1. If not, welcome back! Today we are hunting for old equipment aka “End Of Life Equipment”… if you have a completely ‘virtual’ company and your employees just have laptops and work from home…congrats you can take the day off, assuming the laptops are young…

Digital Asset Access -Day 6 – Who can do what? Part 1

Hello! If you are new to the series on Small Business Security, make sure to check out Day 1. If you are all caught up, welcome back to. Today we are going to do through each of the digital assets you outlined previously to assess the accounts/users in each and their Digital Asset Access. When an employee moves…

Firewall Settings – Day 5 – Basic Hardening: Part 1

Welcome, if you are new to the series start with Day 1. For those who are all caught up let’s continue. Today we will spend our time shoring up some basic technical defenses. For those who are not overly fond of technology….You can do this :). First things first let’s make sure we have firewalls to…

Digital Asset Protection – Day 4 – Know Thy Stuff: Part 4

Hello! If you are new to this series on securing your small business in 5 minutes per day than you should start with Day 1. If you are all caught up then welcome back and let’s dive into it. Today, Digital Asset Protection, is the last day of “Know Thy Stuff”… at least for now. By…

Small Business Security in 5 Minutes – Day 3 – Know Thy Stuff: Part 3

Hello! If you are new to this series please start with Day 1 or if you missed any other days they can all be found Here. If you are all caught up, welcome back to Day 3 where we will spend the next 5 minutes continuing to incrementally improve our small business security situation with a digital assessment….

Digital Assets – Day 2 – Know Thy Stuff

Digital Assets – Day 2 – Know Thy Stuff If you are new to this series please start with Day 1. If you are returning, welcome back! So you have pulled together a list of your digital assets, applications and systems…now what to do with the list. First, let’s do some cleanup. Can you get rid of…

Small Business Security in 5 Minutes – Day 1

Small Business Security in 5 Minutes – Day 1 – Know Thy Stuff: Part 1 To get right to it skip the first paragraph… This is the start of a simple mission to reveal, in plain language, the actions you can take to protect your business and possibly create a CyberStrategy. Your business represents much more…

A Cyber Rose by Any Other Name

A Cyber Rose by Any Other Name (might be an apricot). Does it ever frustrate you to hear about a company that contracted for a ‘Penetration Test’ and received something completely different? I recently worked with a prospect who paid for a penetration test, and yet, when I reviewed the deliverable -what he really got…




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Business Operations Manager
Certified: GSEC, CompTIA A+
Education: BA, College of William and Mary
Areas of Focus: Project Management, Accounting, Logistics


CTO / Principal Engineer

Certified: GCIH, GSEC, GMON

Education: BS – Chemistry, Clemson University, Completed PhD coursework in Quantum Theoretical Chemistry – Georgia Institute of Technology, Completed PhD coursework in Statistical Mechanical Theoretical Chemistry – Clemson University.

Areas of Focus: Secure Coding, statistical modeling, penetration testing, security architecture


CEO / Principal Engineer
Certified: CISSP, GCIH, PMP, CRISC, CISA, CISM, CCSK; previous certifications include CCNP, CCSP, CCVP, CCDP
Education: University of MD. LaSalle University (BS/MS – Information Systems)
Areas of Focus: BC/DR, Quantitative Risk programs and analysis, 1/CISO and 1/CIO functions, security strategy and architecture

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