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Amber Group Acquires US cybersecurity firm, Night Vizion

KINGSTON, Jamaica; October 6, 2021. Technology conglomerate the Amber Group today announced that it has acquired majority equity in a US based cyber security firm, NightVision, a subsidiary of the Vizius Group. NightVizion, (to be renamed Amber CyberEye), is a cybersecurity company led by professionals with over 40 years of combined experience.

Dushyant Savadia, Founder and CEO of the Amber Group stated that “since the pandemic, we have witnessed a significant and alarming increase in Cybercrime across the globe with all major technology companies coming under attack.  In this region alone, cybercrimes costs an estimated US$90 billion annually.  While Amber is continuously upgrading security measures on our own internal systems, we did not offer this service to our customers.  With this acquisition, the Amber Group, through Amber CyberEye, will offer advanced cybersecurity services to our clients”, he said.

Under the new acquisition, NightVizion’s CEO Glenn Johnson, will join as Amber’s Chief Information and Security Officer, and David Hyde-Volpe as its new Chief Cybersecurity Architect. According to Johnson, “The Caribbean and Latin America is a hotspot for cybercrime and there are increasing cyber-attacks across private and public sector companies daily. NightVizion’s inclusion in the Amber Group’s portfolio will give us an opportunity to bring our unique skillset to help businesses grow and innovate”.

Amber CyberEye is in the process of creating a unique cyber threat intelligence capability, the first of its kind in this region. This type of targeted threat intelligence will equip both private and public sector crime fighters with the ‘inside information’ needed to combat cybercrime more efficiently.  This capability will be backed by a 24×7 Security Operations Center staffed by security experts from around the world.

Amber CyberEye will now offer customers services such as Application Monitoring, Application Security as a Service and Application Penetration Testing, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration and Automation and Response (SOAR) services to oversee data compliance, privacy and protection.

In keeping with its commitment to serve businesses in Jamaica and in an effort to support companies as they begin to focus on cyber security measures, Amber CyberEye will offer free application scanning, manual assessments of vulnerabilities and remediation advice for their software products and services.


Patrique Goodall
Group PR and Communications Manager
The Amber Group
[email protected]

About the Amber Group
The Amber Group operates in 23 countries, including India, Africa, Caribbean and the Americas.  The Group operates several lines of businesses including Amber Connect (vehicle tracking and fleet management); Amber Pay (QR code payments and rewards solutions for merchants and customers); Amber Fuels (a complete digitization solution for fuel forecourt payments and rewards); Amber Aura (an intelligent home and building automation solution), with a subsidiary, Amber Innovations, being their software development arm which enjoys a large base of clients across the world developing enterprise software solutions for financial institutions, distribution companies, governments, retail industries, and more.

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