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Digital Asset Access -Day 6 – Who can do what? Part 1

Hello! If you are new to the series on Small Business Security, make sure to check out Day 1. If you are all caught up, welcome back to.

Today we are going to do through each of the digital assets you outlined previously to assess the accounts/users in each and their Digital Asset Access. When an employee moves on to another opportunity you would certainly ask for them to return any physical keys you have granted them. Similarly, when a person changes roles or leaves your company it is important to disable or remove the access that the no longer need. Most companies don’t keep up with this very well and as a result end up with accounts of former employees, or accounts that have too much access.

For today please look through each asset and review who has Digital Asset Access and how much. Keep an eye out for old accounts, duplicate accounts or people with too much access. Be very careful with who has administrative access to your critical assets. Happy hunting!

Be sure to come back for Day Seven / Part Two / Who Can Do What

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